Bskinny Global Transformation diet hCG Drops

Supplement manufacturers pride themselves that their supplements really do what they are intended to do. They claim that they have the proprietary blends that will really help you lose weight.

Today, we’re going to look at the BSkinny Global Transformation diet hCG drops. As you have probably heard, the hCG diet is one of the most popular diets to date because of its weight loss effects. But, how effective is this particular product? Let’s find out!

The Bskinny Global Transformation diet hCG drops are a homeopathic hcg injection diet that doesn’t contain the original hormone (that is due to the process of Homeopathy),but the hCG’s purported effects still remain in the solution. That means that the fat burning effects the hCG hormone is known for is still present in the formula.

On top of that, the BSkinny Global Transformation diet hCG drops contain a host of other fat-burning ingredients. Here are just some of the ingredients that have been disclosed that will help you burn more fat than any other weight-loss supplements:

  1. African Mango– Known fat-burner and energy booster, this ingredient will help you lessen the starch-absorption in your body.
  1. L-Carnitine– Helps convert fat stores into energy.
  1. L-Arginine– An amino acid that can help improve your muscle growth
  1. Beta-Alanine– A well-known energy booster and helps support muscle growth and improve strength and endurance
  1. Hoodia Gordonii– A well-known appetite suppressant
  1. L-Glutamine– This ingredient helps improve memory.

Interestingly enough, for this diet supplement to work, you need to ingest 10 drops of this supplement three times a day. That is a whopping thirty drops in 24 hours! They also suggest that you place the drops under your tongue and hold it for 2 minutes.

Furthermore, you are not allowed to drink water after 15 minutes of taking the drops. And lastly, you are not allowed to exceed the recommended dosage.

With a peculiar way of taking in the hCG drops, do customers have a good review about this supplement? Here are just some of the customer reviews:

Brianna: “This product really does work. I lost a total of 15 pounds is 15 days. When combined with the tea and vitamins the results are faster. After using it for a week i stop losing weight, however, i lost inches on my body. I will definitely try this product again.”

Jean: “I only needed to lose 10-15 pounds and I have been using the drops for about 3 weeks now. I have dropped 6 pounds while having a break in the middle of using them because of an out of town trip where I had little control over food choice but continued using the drops. I was able to limit the food intake but not the choice. When I got home, I immediately went back on the diet and I feel great and believe the drops are really helping me to reach my goal.”

It seems that the BSkinny Global Transformation hCG drops do work. If you want to buy the supplement, it is currently priced at $37.19.